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Barrel fermented and aged to produce the creamy richness and depth that is the hallmark of our Montreaux style.

The Corley Family has been making elegant handcrafted, estate-grown sparkling wine since the 1980's and no one has been more hands-on than winemaker Chris Corley. His approach, similar to only a few champagne houses in the world, is a special art of continuously harmonizing the everlasting MONTICELLO 'Montreaux' cuvee.

Our non-vintage MONTICELLO 'Montreaux Brut' is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from our estate vineyard. After each harvest is complete, the new wine is aged for six months in neutral French oak before being added to our perpetual cuvee (or solera) which contains a blend of vintages since the original cuvee began decades ago. 

Over time, the cuvee has become increasingly complex - the fresh wines of the latest vintage taking on the mature qualities of those that came before it. With this method, Chris has created a house style with a historic thread running through the renown MONTICELLO 'Montreaux Brut' year after year.

The result is a crispy, fresh and appealing sparkling wine with a depth of character that will add sparkle and celebration to any dish and to any occasion.


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