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Our philosophy is one of 'sunshine to wine' in which our family directs all aspects of winegrowing and winemaking from the initial selection of the vineyard sites, planting, farming, harvesting, fermenting, and blending through to uncorking the wine for your enjoyment.

Our family is devoted to producing wines that are true to the grape variety, true to the high quality and the distinct terroir of the estate vineyards that we farm in the Napa Valley and are the finest expressions of Napa Valley wine.

What does it mean?
It means an outstanding bottle of wine!

  • We select each vineyard site for its potential to deliver the very highest quality grapes possible. We take great care to ensure that the variety, rootstock, clonal selection, vineyard spacing and trellis design are matched to the soil and microclimate of and within each vineyard site.
  • We farm each vineyard site to deliver the very highest quality grapes each year regardless of quantity. Rarely does a large quantity result in the highest quality. Pruning, leafing and canopy management, fruit thinning, watering and hand harvesting is done with only the quality of the grapes in mind.
  • We harvest each planting into individual lots and ferment each lot separately to ensure that the wine is fermented, barreled and aged to maximize the potential of each lot's characteristics.
  • The lots get to bring their distinctive personality to the final blend of our wines. Only those lots and barrels within each lot are included in the final wine.

Winemaking Practices

Our winemaking practices are specific to each variety. At the core of our winemaking philosophy is our aim to produce wines that are true to the grape variety and true to the high quality and the distinct terroir of the estate vineyards.

Why do we do it?
We love what we do!

Kevin grows the grapes, Chris makes the wine (and Stephen gets to take the credit when they are not around!). We are passionate about our wine and we are small enough to be able to walk every vineyard row. We taste every barrel to make sure we will be proud to put our name on the bottle and serve the wine to our family, friends and faithful consumers.


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