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Corley Family Napa Valley


"Very few things in life are both of the moment and timeless; every time you open a Corley wine, you rediscover the original experience but with more understanding than before.”

We are very proud to be a family-owned and operated winery and vineyard company. Jay Corley, our founder, came to Napa Valley in 1969 seeking land to plant and grow a world class estate vineyard.

All of Jay's seven children worked at the winery growing up, several have worked in the family wine business for decades. Today, sons Mark and Chris manage the business ... Mark as Chairman and President, and Chris as Winemaker, Winegrower and Vice President. 

Kevin, Kent, Mark, Stephen and Chris Corley serve on the Board of Directors.

We are a small, family founded, family operated estate winery producing authentic estate grown wines.


To enrich life with every wine we make.


Monticello Vineyards is a family company dedicated to making wines that enrich life and express the individuality of our Napa Valley estate vineyards. Our Jefferson House, which is the central element in our logo, symbolizes the gracious and familial hospitality we extend to every employee and to every guest and sets the quality standard which future generations should aspire to preserve and enhance.


People, Relationships, Persistence & Determination

People are the foundation of our company. We value an inclusive and secure workplace in which mutual respect, collaboration, and integrity are the driving principles.

Relationships are the bonds that unite us. We value authentic and reliable relationships among ourselves, our customers, and in our community.

Persistence and Determination, above talent and genius, drive our business onward in times of strength or weakness. We value an environment in which everyone is motivated to always Press On and find a way to success.

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